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"Hodra", a meditative journey, invites to the consciousness of yourself,
to listen to your dreams,
to become attentive to all the signs around you,
to open you to a vision quest.

NEXT DATES: 22/02 - 03/03


It is a shamanic journey, where at any time, and often unexpectedly, you may receive a message, glimpse a clarity or heal an wound.
In sobriety and simplicity, you dialogue with the desert.
It is a trip where you are sometimes alone, sometimes with the group, and with alternating supports from inside and outside.


After landing at Sharm El Sheikh airport, we immediately leave this place, towards Dahab to immediately dive into the desert.

Salem, a Bedouin from Nuweiba, is our main guide: he takes us to known and lesser known places and takes care of absolutely everything: transport, food, drinks, guide, safety… you name it!


What does our day look like?

Already the first night you are in the desert and your mouth is guaranteed to fall open.

We live with the sun: we get up with the sun, we go to sleep with the sun.

We take our time to wake up, everything happens at a 'smoothie' pace.

That is the essence of this journey: pressure away, head empty, bags…


We get our breakfast (no croissants, but freshly baked 'bread' in the fire) and will usually walk in the sandy parts of the desert. They are mostly canyons, which provide the necessary shade but also provide fascinating images.

They are easy walks: fairly short distances that we experience at a slow pace, with the necessary stops to enjoy the silence and the splendor.

Often when we leave, we also take time to get into our body: stretching, yoga, meditation... of course this is free. Nothing has to.


After the walk we often have some time to rest : this trip is mainly aimed at slowing down, to come back to yourself in an easy way.


In the evening we enjoy the meal and chill together, we play, sing, tell…


You sleep under the starry sky or in a tent. Sleeping with the Bedouins is also possible: it is also very simple, a few mats, a windbreak knitted by the grandmother ... and that's it. That's all it takes. There is no rain and temperatures are very mild at the end of November, comparable to our September weather.


Sometimes we take a walk at night to a canyon or a special place. Where we hold a moment of silence together... Magic!

In the middle of this journey comes another special moment. You can choose:

Three days alone, only with water, staying in your place: that sounds a bit harsh and it is. But what you get out of it will be etched in your memory and body forever. We call that the Vision Quest. You come out completely different.


Are you with your lover? Then this is also the time to spend three days together: no more distractions, just the two of you. There is food and water, but nothing else. Here you get intimacy coaching if you ask for it. Maybe you can already feel this together: silence, warm soft sand, your loved one's eyes twinkling by the candlelight... the alchemy of love can do its job again!


But maybe you prefer to stay with the Bedouin, to immerse yourself further in these encounters, this is also possible.


After these three days we all come together again, share our impressions, experiences and continue on the road.


Our journey ends at the Red Sea: as beautiful and special as the desert is, it would be a pity to leave without swimming among the fish and the beautifully colored corals below you. It's easy: far from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding world-famous dive sites, armed with our snorkel and safely guided by Taha, we'll dive together. Such an afternoon also usually ends with a grilled fish!


We sleep on the beach again, in simple huts.

Imbued with the tranquility of the desert, we arrive gently: back into the world, without too hard bumps: a boat takes us back to Dahab and on to the airport.


It's a very interesting trip:

  • When you are at a key moment in your life


  • When you feel that the moment has come to turn the page, whether in your relational life or in your professional life

  • When you search for a new path and want to anchor yourself deeper first.

  • When you want to awaken your sensitivity and when feeling of the Invisible becomes an irresistible desire on your part.

  • duration: 11 days, 10 nights

  • dates: from 22/02 to 03/03/2024

  • rate: €1275 p.p.

  • If you have already traveled with us: €1175 p.p.

Flight tickets, tip (free; usually €50) and travel insurance: not included


Egypt has lifted all COVID-19 related restrictions for travelers arriving in the country. Travelers can enter the country without having to show proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test.

You can register up to 1 week before departure, but keep in mind that the flight ticket will become more expensive the later you book.

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