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"A week of contact and confrontation with the deafening silence in an apparently lifeless world, with the primitive strength and power of the desert, and with oneself in the middle, sometimes in relation to others and sometimes very much alone (in my own Vision Quest).

Alain guides the whole thing in a sparkling way that gently took me out of my comfort zone in a non-directive way, he made me literally and figuratively climb on rough rocks and allowed to rest and meditate in the soft sand, he invited me to a connection with myself, with the other participants, with the Bedouins and with what is unspeakable, out of the visible. A week with a lot of attention for my body and breathing, where we ended the trip with a wonderful relaxation in the heart of the Blue Lagoon on the Red Sea.

An impressive magical week that even further revealed to me my inner Shaman woman and her power. "

Travel Vision Quest

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