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After a youth in which intense contact with nature has deeply marked me,

I decided to learn the profession of veterinarian,

that I practice now for more than 25 years

with pleasure and passion.


At the same time, my free time went to the original teachings of Tantra whose rituals open the way to a harmonious and fulfilling intimacy.

Since 2010, I offer this knowledge, focused primarily on body experimentation, to men and women.


Since 2013, I have had the opportunity to discover the Sinai desert several times and to live moments

for which I still feel a strong gratitude.

Little by little, my desire grew to share this with others and from there was formed in 2016 the project

"Voice of The Desert".



At the bend of the road between the steep mountainside suddenly appears the village, Dahab, at the foot of the Red Sea, facing Saudi Arabia, well visible in the distance.

Slow and deep inspiration, a smile appears on my face

still well asleep by the trip.

The taxi continues its descent, we cross the village on a chaotic road to finally follow the sea.

It's a windy day and the wild waves hold back my thrilling desire to dive into the deep blue water.
A short driveway on our left. Here we are !
The small one-story hotel, crescent moon with its old wooden balconies, seems to sleep.


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