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Sinai is a peninsula divided into a southern part and a northern part. Between the two there is a mountain range, demarcated natural and inaccessible shops.

We only travel in the south eastern part.

Usually, the trip departs from Sharm El-Sheikh airport and from there we will drive to Dahab. This is our gateway to the desert.

There is no road or track in the desert. The relocation of the camps is done by 4X4.


For different prices, see each individual trip.

Included in the price:

All fees from arrival to return to Sharm el-Sheikh airport: this includes transportation costs, accommodation and food and accommodation costs. In principle, you will have no additional cost on site.


Not included in the price

  • Flight costs to Sharm el-Sheikh. To envisage: approximately 200 to 300 €. Generally, the earlier you book, the cheaper your flight. You send an email with your wish to participate. Once a sufficient number of participants has been reached, you will receive a confirmation of the trip and you will be able to make the booking. You will then have to deposit a deposit of 100 €. This deposit is not refundable. The balance is paid in cash in euros in Egypt.

  • Additional expenses such as souvenirs, alcoholic beverages, meals you would order in Dahab outside the group.

  • Any extra night, due to your personal wish or unforeseen circumstances.

  • Tipping: It is customary to tip each Bedouin at the end of the trip.

  • During your trip, you will sometimes encounter a "bazaar": it is often women and children who sell all sorts of things for a few euros. If you have interest in this, it is good to bring some Egyptian pounds (worth 5 to 20 € depending on your usual buying behavior).

  • Personal insurance (medical expenses, repatriation costs ...): The risks inherent to this trip are under your responsibility.


Two weeks before departure, you will receive an email with a list of everything you need.

This is an exhaustive list, apart from your strictly personal needs (for example, specific drugs).

It is advisable to check the weight of your luggage before leaving to avoid any surcharge. Some companies such as Egyptair are very generous about the weight of standard luggage. If you have room, you can certainly bring clothes, shoes and school materials to give on the spot.


  1. After confirmation of the trip, you book your flight and send a copy of your reservation by email: this confirms your participation.

  2. You send a copy of your identity card or passport by e-mail (this card or passport MUST be valid for another 6 months after the last day of the trip).

  3. Before you leave, you can usually check in 24 hours in advance. You must also print the reservation of your return flight: you will have to present this reservation to access the airport during the return flight.

  4. On the flight, you will receive a tourist card which you will complete immediately (on the question "residence in Egypt", you write: "Dahab Paradise Hotel").

  5. When you arrive at the airport, you go up the stairs and you go immediately to the ticket office on your left: you present your identity card and you give your identity photo in reserve (you must bring a photo of identity with you). You will receive an additional card indicating your date of arrival in Egypt. You may NEVER lose this card. This proves that you have legally entered the country and the date of your arrival. If you are traveling with a passport, this step 5 does not concern you.

  6. You go to the customs where you give the tourist card. As long as we are on the desert road, you always keep your documents at hand (possible verification at different checkpoints). At the checkpoint, you stay calm and you do not take pictures. Belgian tourists are very well regarded.

  7. Do you have a diplomatic passport? Do not use it because you will not be allowed to enter the country. Use your identity card.

  8. You carefully follow this information and all instructions from the local authorities: they are very concerned about our safety.


We are in a particularly secure area, the South Sinai, which has no communication with North Sinai, where there have been sporadic attacks against the police and army in the border area between Egypt and the Gaza Strip.  We never approach this area.

Security measures at Sharm El Sheikh Airport are stricter and more numerous than what is commonly practiced at European airports.

On the road to Dahab and the few other roads, we pass police checkpoints where the check is to be taken seriously (you must always have your passport at hand).

Once in the desert, it is total tranquillity.

It is possible that we are in places out of all communication (no internet, no phone). However, if necessary, it is often enough to go up a bit to have a connection.

About the wildlife, the probability of encountering a venomous snake or scorpion is extremely low.


The real risks are different: they are related to non-compliance with obvious safety rules, such as going for a walk alone, without warning and in very hilly areas or doing unreasonable climbing. In no case will you receive our agreement for this kind of behavior. If you want to do something alone, for example a small hike in the area, at any time you must inform us and you do so only if you have our agreement.


We will remind you regularly of the need to protect you from the sun and to hydrate you in sufficient quantity.

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