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"Hodra", a meditative journey, invites to the consciousness of yourself,
to listen to your dreams,
to become attentive to all the signs around you,
to open you to a vision quest.


NEXT DATES: October 19-28, 2020


"Hodra" is the name of an oasis we visit. It means "eye" and refers to the third eye, the seat of intuition, the point of contact with the invisible and the subconscious.

During this trip, you will be swaying between two extremes: on the one hand, with open eyes, you admire the subtle and soothing beauty of the desert and, on the other hand, when you direct your attention to the ultimate silence and in which your Light can fully reveal itself to you.

This brilliance in the eyes and face of the participants is something we often notice as they come out of their Vision Quest.

It is a shamanic journey, where at any time, and often unexpectedly, you may receive a message, glimpse a clarity or heal an wound.
In sobriety and simplicity, you dialogue with the desert.
It is a trip where you are sometimes alone, sometimes with the group, and with alternating supports from inside and outside.


The vision quest is an 10 day trip.


The first day, you arrive by plane to Sharm El-Sheik: we avoid this place of mass tourism to immediately take the road to Dahab and from there, we dive into the desert where we will spend the first night.

This night and the two following days allow you to acclimatize, to discover this space and to feed the harmony in the group.

We visit at choice "The Tree Canyon", "The Colored-canyon" or a valley with a water source that only a few Bedouins know yet. A climb to a higher spot to admire a fascinating sunset on the desert plains is also possible, depending on the desires and physical abilities of each.

During these days, you will be regularly invited to focus on inner silence and your bodily sensations. You will be accompanied in this process.

While enjoying this place and living together with the Bedouin guides, you are progressively prepared for this Vision Quest.


This will begin as soon as you move to the second camp site after the third night.

In this place you will be invited to find a space where you can be truly alone, out of the sight of others. Your "Journey" is now fully going on!

You stay there, protected from the sun. You have unlimited drinking water and a little water for your daily toilet.

You have paper, something to write and what you possibly need to be creative.

You do not eat and will stay Al-one for 3 days and two nights.

This is a confrontation with yourself, with your body, with your thoughts. Your metabolism changes, you quickly feel your energy changing too.


It is an intense and powerful psychic process that will help you  to reveal your inner power.

It brings inner clarity. A deeper level of communication with the Universe can upraise.

As long as you pay more attention to what you feel and less to what you think, the Invisible can become a source of unsuspected gift and inspiration.

This is your Vision Quest.


However, nothing is obligated. You can at any time decide to modify this proposal. If, for example, sleeping alone is for you already a maximum challenge, then you can choose to experiment only that and continue to live and to eat with the Bedouins in the central camp.


After this Quest, the whole group comes together on the eve of the sixth night for a meal.

Days seven and eight are devoted to the integration of this Quest and again we explore the surrounding beauties  :"Mushroom" and  "Closed canyon" that we visit at night by torch, "The Big Sand Dune" where we climb on in a Mindful way).


Finally, on the day nine and ten, we go to the Blue Lagoon and swim among the splendors of the Red Sea. After a last night by the sea, we reach Dahab by boat and then the airport.


It's a very interesting trip:

  • When you are at a key moment in your life


  • When you feel that the moment has come to turn the page, whether in your relational life or in your professional life

  • When you search for a new path and want to anchor yourself deeper first.

  • When you want to awaken your sensitivity and when feeling of the Invisible becomes an irresistible desire on your part.

  • duration: 10 days

  • dates: 19/10 - 28/10/2020

  • price: 1.135€ p.p.

  • 1.085€ if registration before 01/09

  • 1.035€ if registration before 01/08

Dates are indicative. We choose the cheapest flight. Dates can be changed with maximum 2 days difference.

Flight is not include in the price.

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