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Let the magic of Being in the desert touch you,
Dare to follow your body,
Live your passion!


NEXT DATES: 16-25 MAART 2020

New moon on 24/03


Feed your love relationship with joy!


An exceptionally romantic adventure,

The desert is covered with a fine gold powder,

Her gentle warmth invites you to have pleasure,

Every sensation becomes sensual,

The feeling of the sand eroticises you

An invitation to awaken your passion,
To laugh together with the reborn primitive woman and man in you
To live on the rhythm of the sun and the moon,
To enjoy every drop of water, every fruit
To see the flames of the fire sparkling in the eyes of your lover,
To take time to feel the ultra-sensitive skin-to-skin contact!

We stay in this place until day 9: after breakfast and cleaning the camp, we will drive to the Blue Lagoon located in the Gulf of Aquaba, a Bedouin camp where each couple will spend the last night in a cabin beach. This lagoon is very large, warm and shallow. In the afternoon, Taha, one of our companions, will accompany you for a dive among the many colorful fish and various corals. This region is known around the world for this fascinating show and attracts travellers from all over the world.

On day 10, we take a small fishing boat to reach Dahab in twenty minutes of navigation and from there we will take a taxi to the airport.


A few words about the rituals proposed to couples:


They are based on the teachings of Tantra and Tao. We practice them about an hour a day in group, but only with your partner.

Every day you will also receive a half-hour explanation of a Love ritual that you can explore with your lover in the private area of ​​your camp.

It is all based on the concept of respect for privacy and the limits of each person.

This support is a proposal and is adapted as much as possible to the request of each one.


Everyone can ask for one or more moments of personal or couple coaching during this trip (this is usually done during the free moments of the afternoon) and sharing moments are also planned.


After landing, you enter the desert on the first day immediately: The taxi takes you at the airport and we leave it for a journey of about an hour and a half on the only road to the northwest. You leave it for a trip by 4X4 on the sand until the first place of encampment.


The groupe stay there on days 2 and 3. Our camp is organized in such a way that each couple has a space that respects their privacy. You observe and learn if you want, how to live in the desert: how to do, in these particular circumstances, a fire, how to cook without seasoning with sand, how you can help each other for the daily shower ... all basic acts who vivify the body and free the mind from its daily worries.

Thus a framework is formed in which you will create your own "Journey", your own "Love Quest". You live more freely, in a simplicity and silence without comparison.



During these first days, as a group, we will walk at the morning together, and  an accompaniment in conscience will be proposed. In the afternoon, returning to camp, each couple has time to be on their own until dinner. You will also receive suggestions of Rituals for you and your partner. We meet at dusk for dinner and enjoy sharing with the Bedouins.


On the fourth day, we move to another place of camp: while our luggage is transferred by jeep, the group can move by foot following mountain paths and crossing the canyons, or on camels (a supplement about 25 € per person is required) or with the jeep.


Arriving at this place, you can choose a place even more isolated. You will be able to stay alone with your partner for one or more days (meals will be brought to you).

The main intention of these moments: there is no distraction, nor disturbance in the presence that you can give to each other.

The sweet and soothing energy of the desert is your main support for nourishing your Love.

A precious and unique jewel is in your hands!


Meeting each other in a harmonious and lively intimacy requires from each partner at first to be present to themselves:

how else can you be present with your lover?
In our western society this is mostly unknown and not practiced art.
The desert has great quality to support this presence in you in a simple and relaxed way.

There are many deserts in the world but the Sinai desert has something very special.
The traces of the famous spirituals guides who have been living in, are still palpable.

When you step into this place hand in hand, you show your willingness and your desire to be support by this Mystical power

in the creation of your own Sacred Intimate Relationship.

  • Only for couples

  • duration: 10 days

  • dates: from 16/03 tot 25/03/2020

  • Price: 1.135€ p.p.

  • 1.035€ if registration before 18/12

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